Palau Morse code bracelet neon orange


Send a secret message to the one you love! Carry the name of a special person or message with you, express your truest feelings or surprise someone with a nice word or sweet phrase in Morse code.

  • High quality materials

  • 100% recycled gold filled

  • Handmade in The Netherlands

Morse is a communication code with which letters, punctuation marks and numbers are represented by short and long signals. Each character is represented with a unique combination of dots and dashes.

Palau neon orange Morse code bracelet. Choose your quote or create your own! Your own “secret message” may consist of a maximum of 8 letters.

The Morse code consists of round and tube Sterling silver or gold filled beads (short and long signals) strung on super strong fine nylon cord. The beads are not fixed but slide loosely over the cord between two fixed beads.

Material: 100% recycled 14k gold filled or 100% recycled Sterling silver

Secret Message: Max. 8 letters.

Size: Adjustable from 16 – 19 cm with an extension chain.

  • Verzonden binnen 1-3 dagen vanuit onze studio in Nederland