Meet the maker

All jewelry are handmade from high-quality materials.

Meet the maker
Meet the maker

My story ❤️

Meet the maker. My name is Ramona Brouwer-Roozen and I’m the founder and designer of Rosas Jewels.
I usually prefer to stay in the background, but now it’s time to show myself.. This picture is made in Ibiza. So, here I am in a happy mood to introduce myself to you lovelies!

This is me, and as you can see, I like colors!

This is also reflected in my jewelry. The label is inspired by the Mediterranean.

I have lived in Mallorca myself and love the climate, the sea, the colors, and all the beauty around you.

Whenever I can, I go back there regularly, and I take that feeling with me to the Netherlands, where I now live with my dear husband and two kids.

I have been making bracelets since I was little, and that has always been the case. Since 2021, I have been taking my label more seriously. I have had a photoshoot in Ibiza and also have been attending fairs since 2023. It is a dream that is coming true.

With my jewelry, I want to give you a bit of sunshine and luxury in terms of quality. After all, you want to enjoy it for a long time. That is why our quote is “Enjoy your little treasure” because that is what they are – little treasures!

I also think of Mother Nature. That is why almost all gold filled parts now consist of 100% recycled gold filled!

What I want to convey with my jewelry is that you should enjoy all the beauty around you and the little things in life!

Feel free & be happy!

With love, Ramona