What’s gold filled?


Most gold jewelry you encounter is gold plated. The piece of jewelry has a base material of sterling silver or sometimes also brass or steel, and is passed through a gold bath, which gives it a beautiful shiny gold finish.

Unfortunately, it is only a thin layer of gold that also wears off relatively quickly. The percentage of gold in a gold plated piece of jewelery is approximately 0.05%. If you would wear a gold plated piece of jewelry every day, the layer of gold would only last a few months.

Gold filled jewelry has a completely different production process. The basic material is still often brass, which is sandwiched between two layers of gold and is then heated several times and passed through a roller so that the materials are bonded together.

The percentage of gold in a gold filled piece of jewelry is no less than 5%. This amount of gold provides a nice thick layer that is relatively wear-resistant. With the proper care of a gold-filled piece of jewelry, it can remain beautiful for decades.

Due to the materials, all our products are 100% hypoallergenic and free of nickel and lead.

Gold filled jewelry is therefore really lifetime jewelry. It is also called ‘the wave of the future’. And that is of course because the jewelry has such a high quality and an affordable price.

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A gold filled piece of jewelery can theoretically stay beautiful for a lifetime! So you can take it easy with showering and sleeping. Just like for gold jewelry, it is advisable to avoid exposure to care products and chemicals, so that it stays beautifully shiny. Every now and then you can polish the piece of jewelry with a cloth that is also suitable for silver and gold jewellery.


Since the jewelry contains a very thick layer of gold, gold-filled jewelry is well tolerated by people who are normally allergic to metals other than gold. Gold filled is a hypoallergenic material.