Designed by Ramona

All jewelry are handmade from high-quality materials.

About the maker

About Rosas Jewels

Rosas Jewels is a jewelry brand with fine, colorful jewelry, all made with love and great care, precision and attention. All the jewelry are handmade and designed by Ramona, the owner of Rosas Jewels. We only use materials from high-quality and which are sustainable, so your little treasure is here to last!.

About the maker

After a long journey through Europe and around the Mediterranean, where I met so many wonderful people and experienced at least as many wonderful moments, I decided to stay on Mallorca in 2007.

Here I found the peace and quiet to spend the energy I gained on creating my own jewelry. The island and the Mediterranean environment proved to be a wonderful source of inspiration. After a couple of wonderful years on Mallorca, I returned to the Netherlands where our children were born. The jewelry remained and are now designed and created in the Netherlands. Also he love for the Méditerranée remained, so if possible I return regularly.

Through my jewelry I want to convey thoughts of pursuing dreams, pure living and enjoying all the beauty around you.

Feel free & be happy

With love, Ramona

Bracelets and ring

About the brand

Rosas Jewels cares about Mother Nature, therefore the collections are made from almost 100% recycled gold filled.
The Morse code collection is made of entirely 100% recycled gold filled and 100% recycled sterling silver!

Premium Quality & Sustainability

We focus on style, premium quality and sustainability. We only use the most enduring, highest quality materials, so your jewelry will accompany you for a long time.

We are convinced that our delicate jewelry should make you feel and look good on the inside as well as the outside. For us, style should never come at the expense of the people producing it or the planet we are lucky enough to call our home. We proudly support a sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about how we care on our sustainability page!